Personal Trainers normally have one of two origin stories, they have been a fitness fanatic since day one, loved playing sport and had a massive interest in all kinds of fitness OR they have completely changed from a couch potato to Arnold Schwarzeneggar or Ashley Graham…..

My story is definitely closer to the 2nd but don’t worry Ashley I’m pretty sure your job is safe☺

Long story short I struggled with my weight from about 11 years old onward. I hated my grad because I felt awful, shopping for an outfit for my 21st made me want to cry but I never really tried to do anything to change how I was feeling. At 22 I was wearing a size 18 – 20 and the thoughts of trying to change that terrified me.

I could lie to you and say one day I just woke up and suddenly loved the gym but that isn’t the case. I hopped from gym to gym, I’d do a 12 week plan in one lose some weight and when it was over start to gain it again. For about 3 years I bounced around until 2 years ago I found my Gym Home (the lads in Trifactor are great)!! I found a gym I was completely comfortable in, figured out food is not the enemy and that lifting weights is one of my favourite things to do!!

The more I fell in love with the gym, the more I spoke about it and realised that I wasn’t alone… So many people find it so intimidating to start. If I could have found my gym home at the beginning I would have been healthier and fitter years ago. I started to think about the place most people are completely comfortable……. Instead of a gym home why not bring the gym to your own home but still keep the accountability of personal training and that is how Rebel Fitness was born

P.S My only goal when I started was to lose weight but I can honestly say becoming the size 12 I aimed for is not my biggest accomplishment, my biggest accomplishments are that I have gained a better understanding of food so now I can eat more than I ever have before, being able to dead lift 110kg or making a 5km walk part of my daily routine.

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